What’s your current turn around time?

3-4 weeks once I get the item in hand.

What’s the process?

It all starts with you clicking “Contact us to get started” at the bottom of any of our webpages. If you send me some photos, I can send you a quote for your mend.

If you’re local
You can drop off your item at the For Yarn’s Sake yarn shop in Beaverton Oregon. I have a drop box just to the left of the door as you enter. This is also where you’ll pick up your items when I’m done.

If you’d prefer to mail in your item
When I email you with your quote I will also send you my address. You are responsible for shipping to my home and I will also charge you for the cost of return shipping when I’m done.

Once I have your item I will contact you if there are any more questions, uncertainties, or issues that arise.

When I’m done mending I’ll send you an email and an invoice with a payment link. I use “Square” for payment. It’s a secure way for you to pay with your card online. If you’d prefer to use cash or check, just let me know.

Your item will either be shipped back to you or left in the box at For Yarn’s Sake for you to pick up!

What sort of items do you repair?

Knit items, especially handknit, are my bread and butter. I will also repair crocheted and woven items. Basically, of you see yarn, send it my way!

My item is reeeaaalllyyy damaged, can you fix it?

Probably! Check out the gallery for some pretty gnarly repairs!

Can you resize this sweater?

For a variety of complicated reasons, I can make the body and arms shorter (or longer!), but I can’t take in the sides, sorry.

What sort of materials do you use?

My favorite mending thread is 75% wool and 25% nylon. Most of my mends will be done with either wool or cotton. Alpaca and cashmere can be used for an additional cost, but most of the time wool works just as well.

What if I can’t afford your prices?

Send me a message, let me know your budget (even if it’s zero). I started this business because I’m passionate about fixing things that are broken, so lets work something out.

Do you give classes?

Yes! I sometimes teach group classes at For Yarn’s Sake in Beaverton. I also can do private lessons for local students, just send me a message!

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