Hole or Cuff Mend

1-2 holes

3+ holes


+$5 per hole

What will my mend look like?

I will always start by trying to re-knit the hole in a matching thread. This makes a nearly invisible mend.

However, some items are made of threads that are simply too small for me to re-knit and will then be “darned”. This is less invisible, but can still be very subtle.

Your mend will be more invisible if it is

  • grey, white, brown, or black
  • fluffy
  • made of large yarns
  • has a smaller hole
  • on a seam

Your mend might be more visible if it is

  • brightly colored, especially red
  • made of small slippery yarns
  • a very large area of damage
  • on the end of a cuff

These mends are still strong and durable.

If you send me a picture of your item, I can normally tell you right away about how visible my mend would be.

Leather Patches


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